Distraction dolls


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27 days, almost a month in total lockdown.  Neither of us have been outside the confines of the house and back garden, except once a week to put the bins out.  I think I’m institutionalised now. Outside resembles a TV screen; nice to look at but not anywhere I could actually enter.  

In the early days of confinement it was all about how much writing I’d get done and if not writing then definitely recording these strange days with creating a sketchbook (or a daily blog!)  Reader, none of these things have happened.  Most of yesterday involved watching YouTube videos on how to cut your own hair *with clippers* and nodding along, thinking that it looked doable.  If it doesn’t work out, who cares..nobody else is going to see it for many weeks and maybe I’ll develop a new skill.  I’m sure I have pink hair dye somewhere.  

The most recent distraction is making Tilda dolls.  This is the first prototype and its creation involved watching Russian videos and spending way too much on downloadable patterns from Etsy.  Many things need changing but I hope to develop the pattern and techniques.  Another welcome distraction is looking for ways to enable contact between members of our local writers’s group.  Meeting digitally can be a challenge but proving to be really worthwhile.  

I’m resigned to staying in the house/garden for the foreseeable future but admit to becoming slightly pissed off with the people who think that they are the exceptions to the ‘stay at home’ rule and flout it by driving across the country to visit their friends, amongst other things.  They will justify it until the cows come home, but really, get a grip. Which part of ‘stay the fuck at home’, don’t you understand?

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