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So I bought a new phone last week.  I had the last one for about three years and it was perfectly serviceable except for battery life.  It was hardly making it ’til lunchtime.  I had the horrible thought that if one us of needed to go to the hospital I’d need a phone with a decent battery so I bit the bullet and bought an iPhone 11.  Ordered, delivered but without a SIM card.  I spoke to Virgin customer support who assured me that all their phones come without a SIM.  It was on order, would be delivered by Royal Mail and would be with me in a couple of days.  Hmm.

I wasn’t totally convinced and spent the whole of Day 6 texting to various support people at Virgin, getting increasingly infuriated as I was told different variations of the story.  Finally, one guy said that he couldn’t see any trace of an order for a SIM card and was I sure it wasn’t in the box?  No, absolutely not, I’d had a thorough search of the box but hang on..what about the cardboard outer?  Being conscious of the longevity of the virus on cardboard I’d ditched the outer box as quickly as possible.  A dive into the recycling bin by my long suffering husband resulted in the discovery of the SIM card nestled safely in the cardboard box. Grovelling apology to support guy and phone finally up and running. Yeah, I’m a dick but why did they lie in the first place though?

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  1. CF

    Lordy, but that was an unnecessary complication necessitated by poor communication on their part! A friend in Connecticut has an iPhone 11 and she quite likes it. I think the photo capabilities are incredible or something.

  2. pj

    I know! Yes, it’s nice, but fundamentally (to me) the same as my old one, just neater and faster. The camera is nice, I’ve just got the 11, not the Pro with the three cameras, but the two cameras on this one do a great wide angle shot. I’m using it for all the 30 day challenge shots so I’m experimenting.

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