The other big C

The other big C

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I’ve turned off notifications
I couldn’t stand the din
It’s day nine of our lockdown
And the novelty’s worn thin

The BBC, the Guardian
All vying for attention
From the captive detainee

Lists of figure and statistics
An avalanche of news
The guidelines are confusing
But please don’t book a cruise

And all our other problems
Seem so small and long ago
Now lives have been upended
And we’re struggling to cope 

But still some people argue
That it’s really not so bad
They’ll carry on as normal
These precautions are just mad

I hope that we survive this
But we can’t do it alone
So if your job’s not vital
Please stay the fuck at home!

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  1. Kristen Stone

    I’ve avoided listening to the news, apart from brief updates to know what is going on. And luckily I’m a stay at home person under normal circumstances. Stay positive. We will get through this!

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