A View From The Bridge

A View from the Bridge (National Theatre Live)

20151 h 55 min

The great Arthur Miller confronts the American dream in this dark and passionate tale. In Brooklyn, longshoreman Eddie Carbone welcomes his Sicilian cousins to the land of freedom. But when one of them falls for his beautiful niece, they discover that freedom comes at a price. Eddie’s jealous mistrust exposes a deep, unspeakable secret – one that drives him to commit the ultimate betrayal. The visionary Ivo van Hove directs this stunning production of Miller’s tragic masterpiece.

Director Ivo van Hove
Runtime 1 h 55 min
Release Date 7 April 2015
Movie Status
Movie Rating Masterpiece



Wow.  This was a seriously stunning piece of theatre.  You know when you see a production be it theatre, film or TV drama and you can’t stop thinking about it for days afterwards?  This was A View from the Bridge, the undercurrents just kept on rippling.  I can’t praise the actors enough, Mark Strong, Nicola Walker and Phoebe Fox were amazing in a pared to the bone production.  Few props and costume changes, played on a stripped back stage, it was just us and them.  The bloody end piece was shocking and amazing.  If you get the chance to see this National Theatre production, just do it!

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