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Secret Screening

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I’m booked to see the ‘secret screening’ for unlimited ticket holders at Cineworld on Tuesday evening.  I’ve never been to one before and I’m looking forward to it.  It will also be my first 3D movie at the cinema since ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids’ at Disney World, Florida back in the last century sometime.

I’m not very happy with secrets.  Let me qualify that and say I’m good at keeping personal secrets (trust me, I’m an artist) but my natural research ability kicks in when a secret is waved under my nose and I feel compelled to start digging.  So by a process of elimination, i.e…big film that’s opening soon, has a running time of 122 minutes and is in 3D I think I’ve narrowed it down to ‘The Heart of the Sea’.   Cool!  What’s not to love about an epic battle with a giant whale.  Then I read the reviews and my excitement is well and truly tempered.  But hey, what do critics know….