Daddy’s Home

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Daddy's Home

20151 h 36 min

The story of a mild-mannered radio executive (Ferrell) who strives to become the best stepdad ever to his wife's two children, but complications ensue when their freewheeling, freeloading real father arrives, forcing stepdad to compete for the affection of the kids.

Director Sean Anders, John Morris
Runtime 1 h 36 min
Release Date 25 December 2015
Movie Status
Movie Rating Average

I like comedy, it’s probably my favourite genre on TV. One off stand-ups, comedic panel shows like Mock The Week, and comedy series from the IT Crowd and Father Ted to Nurse Jackie and even the US version of The Office. I love them all, but when it comes to comedy films I’m either missing something or there’s an emperor’s new clothes thing going on. What is it with these comedy/family movies? Often they are same sex double handers (think Sisters) with a one joke storyline interspersed with a couple of physical stunts/CGI set pieces, everyone makes up in the end and we all live happily ever after. Maybe I’m just getting cynical in my old age but they smack of someone milking the ‘what can we do with the kids now that Christmas is over? I know – a ‘family’ movie night’. Oh and lets look at the demographic here, maybe a comedy about a ‘blended family’.

Daddy’s Home was that sort of movie, inoffensive but ploddingly predictable. Dependable, upstanding Will Ferrell as step-dad, desperate to be a good parent to his new step-kids when ‘real’ Dad returns in the shape of the much cooler and all-round rapscallion Mark Wahlberg. The tussle between the Dads to retain the affection of the kids is the main story interspersed with a few clever stunts and the easy joke of having small children issuing expletives, funny but cheap (and nothing beats this one).

The actors were all competent, the stunts were nicely done and in an almost full screening (looking good Cineworld Hinckley) there were quite a few chuckles but I wouldn’t watch it again, not even on TV.


Mark Wahlberg