Bridget Jones’ Baby

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Bridget Jones's Baby

20161 h 37 min

Breaking up with Mark Darcy leaves Bridget Jones over 40 and single again. Feeling that she has everything under control, Jones decides to focus on her career as a top news producer. Suddenly, her love life comes back from the dead when she meets a dashing and handsome American named Jack. Things couldn't be better, until Bridget discovers that she is pregnant. Now, the befuddled mom-to-be must figure out if the proud papa is Mark or Jack.

Director Sharon Maguire
Runtime 1 h 37 min
Release Date 15 September 2016
Movie Status
Movie Rating Very good
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Leaving the cinema, weeping, at lunchtime…it’s many years since I’ve done that and it’s all Bridget’s fault!  This was the kind of film that manipulates emotions more deftly than an X-factor audition, lays on the corn with a trowel and requires a suspension of disbelief way above and beyond… but all that said, I loved it.  There’s something about the vulnerable, awkward nature of Bridget, mixed with a little kookiness that is just so appealing, you can’t help rooting for her.  There were some genuinely funny lines, a little visual humour, good support from the repressed Darcy, what’s not to love?   And who turned out to be the father of Bridget’s baby? I couldn’t possibly say.

Edit – almost forgot, the soundtrack is great too (awkward little cameo from Ed Sheeran) and includes one of my all time favourites, F*ck You by the lovely Lily Allen.